July Sales Increase Marks 79th Straight Month of Record-Setting Sales for Audi of America!

There’s no slowing this train! Audi of America has been setting so many monthly sales record, there’s now a record for how many consecutive months of record sales Audi of America has set! Last year, Audi of America set a July sales record with 18,354 deliveries, but this past July sets a new one, with 18,824 deliveries. Here at Audi Meadowlands, we’d like to thank folks like you



Driving these incredible sales (pun fully intended) is the incredible Audi Q lineup, with the Audi Q7 at the fore. The Audi Q Series models saw 9,338 deliveries, 3,334 of which were deliveries of the Audi Q7, which has shown an 18 percent rise this year through July. The Audi Q3 saw sales rise 3.5 percent, and the Audi Q5 has seen an 11 percent rise for the entire year.

“Audi is showing that you can win in a challenging segment with design and technology, based on the positive customer response,” said Cian O’Brien, chief operating officer, Audi of America. —from an August 1, 2017 Audi of America Press Release

Numbers like these are like a snapshot, the big picture when it comes to the wide-reaching impact of the Audi lineup. Curious to see what all those people found so appealing about the Audi Q3, Q5, or Q7 SUVs? Come see for yourself by joining us here at Audi Meadowlands for some hands-on experience in the form of a test drive!

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